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May 12, 2017R. Daido

January 13, 2017J. D. Trevison SolanoHawking versus Unruh effects, or the difficulty of slowly crossing a black hole horizon, L. C. Barbado et al., JHEP 1610 (2016) 161, arXiv:1608.02532 [gr-qc]
November 25, 2016N. YokozakiOn the MSSM Higgsino mass and fine tuning, G. G. Ross, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, F. Staub, Phys. Lett. B 759, 110 (2016), arXiv:1603.09347 [hep-ph]
November 11, 2016Y. YamadaInterplay of Infrared Divergences and Gauge-Dependence of the Effective Potential, J. R. Espinosa, M. Ganry, T. Konstandin, Phys. Rev. D 94 (2016) 055026, arXiv:1607.08432 [hep-ph]
October 21, 2016H. TakauraA semiclassical realization of infrared renormalons, P. Argyres and M. Unsal, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109 (2012) 121601, arXiv:1204.1661 [hep-th]
October 7, 2016F. TakahashiCool WISPs for stellar cooling excesses, M. Giannotti et al., arXiv:1512.08108 [astro-ph.HE]
September 16, 2016Y. SuminoTop quark & perturbative QCD: Current status and future prospect
September 2, 2016S. NakayamaExact results for ABJ Wilson loops and open-closed duality, Y. Hatsuda, K. Okuyama, arXiv:1603.06579 [hep-th]
July 22, 2016Y. Kanekoq-Virasoro modular double and 3d partition functions, A. Nedelin, F. Nieri, M. Zabzine, arXiv:1605.07029 [hep-th]
July 8, 2016G. MishimaCurrent status of exotic hadrons ~pentaquark, tetraquark, and so on~
June 24, 2016T. KanekoU-duality in three and four dimensions, E. Malek, arXiv:1205.6403 [hep-th]
June 10, 2016M. HottaHorizontal Charge Excitation of Supertranslation and Superrotation
June 3, 2016R. DaidoPure Gravitational Dark Matter, Its Mass and Signatures, Y. Tang, Y. L. Wu, arXiv:1604.04701 [hep-ph]
May 27, 2016M. A. HellerHigher Gauge Theory with String 2-Groups, G. A. Demessie, C. Saemann, arXiv:1602.03441 [math-ph]

March 4, 2016W. YinObservations on the partial breaking of N= 2 rigid supersymmetry, arXiv:1501.07842 [hep-th]
February 12, 2016U. Carow-WatamuraT-duality without isometry via extended gauge symmetries of 2D sigma models, arXiv:1509.01829 [hep-th]
January 29, 2016Y. YamadaStealth Supersymmetry Simplified, J. Fan et al., arXiv:1512.05781 [hep-ph]
November 13, 2015J. D. Trevison SolanoCausality issues of particle detector models in QFT and Quantum Optics, E. Martin-Martinez, arXiv:1509.07864 [quant-ph]
October 16, 2015H. TakauraBehavior of perturbative series
July 24, 2015Y. SuminoRecent knowledge on the structure of radiative corrections
July 10, 2015N. KitajimaCosmological Higgs-Axion Interplay for a Naturally Small Electroweak Scale, arXiv:1506.09217 [hep-ph]
June 12, 2015Y. KanekoJanus Configurations, Chern-Simons Couplings, And The theta-Angle in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory, JHEP 1006, 097 (2010) arXiv:0804.2907 [hep-th]
May 29, 2015S. KawabataOn perturbative treatment of unstable particles
May 8, 2015M. A. HellerTriproducts, nonassociative star products and geometry of R-flux string compactifications, P. Aschieri, R. J. Szabo, arXiv:1504.03915 [hep-th]
April 17, 2015K. EndoElectroweak Symmetry Breaking without the mu^2 Term, F. Goertz, arXiv:1504.00355 [hep-ph]

January 16, 2015M. HottaStrong Local Passivity and Finite-Temperature QET
January 9, 2015Y. YamadaTaming the Goldstone contributions to the effective potential, S. P. Martin, arXiv:1406.2355 [hep-ph]
November 28, 2014Y. SuminoComment on effects of positronium in electron g-2
November 21, 2014F. TakahashiMechanism for Thermal Relic Dark Matter of Strongly Interacting Massive Particles, Y. Hochberg et al., arXiv:1402.5143 [hep-ph]
October 10, 2014K. NakamuraLepton flavour violation from right-handed neutrino thresholds, J.-h. Park, Phys. Rev. D 89, 095005 (2014)
September 26, 2014N. KitajimaProduction of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter and the 3.5 keV line, A. Merle and A. Schneider, arXiv:1409.6311 [hep-ph]
July 18, 2014U. Carow-WatamuraDeconstructing (2,0) Proposals, N. Lambert, C. Papageorgakis and M. Schmidt-Sommerfeld, arXiv:1212.3337 [hep-th]
July 4, 2014K. EndoSymmetry breaking and scalar bosons, E. Gildener and S. Weinberg, Phys. Rev. D 13, 3333 (1976)
May 30, 2014T. BesshoA Non-Abelian Self-Dual Gauge Theory in 5+1 Dimensions, P.-M. Ho, K.-W. Huang, Y. Matsuo, arXiv:1104.4040 [hep-th] ; Non-abelian Action for Multiple Five-Branes with Self-Dual Tensors, C.-S. Chu, S.-L. Ko, arXiv:1203.4224 [hep-th]
May 9, 2014Y. YamadaPhenomenology of very light scalar (10 MeV < m_h < 10 GeV) mixing with the SM Higgs, J. D. Clarke, R. Foot, R. R. Volkas, arXiv:1310.8042 [hep-ph]
April 25, 2014S. WatamuraMembrane action and Nambu-Poisson sigma model, Ref. arXiv:1404.2795 [hep-th] , arXiv:1203.2910 [hep-th]

December 20, 2013F. TakahashiCosmological and astrophysical signatures of dark matter annihilations into pseudo-Goldstone bosons, C. Garcia-Cely, A. Ibarra, E. Molinaro, arXiv:1312.3578 [hep-ph]
December 13, 2013Y. SuminoDegeneracy and structure of SSB vacuum
December 6, 2013H. IshikawaAsymptotic Symmetries of Yang-Mills Theory, A. Strominger, arXiv:1308.0589 [hep-th]
November 22, 2013M. HottaQuantum Information and Black Hole Firewalls. Ref. M. Hotta, J. Matsumoto, K. Funo, arXiv:1306.5057 [quant-ph]
November 8, 2013U. Carow-WatamuraA geometric action for non-geometric fluxes, D. Andriot et al., arXiv:1202.3060 [hep-th]
October 11, 2013Y. ShojiPoincare Protection for a Natural Electroweak Scale, R. Foot et al., arXiv:1310.0223 [hep-ph]
October 4, 2013Y. ShimizuCharge Quantization in the CP(1) Nonlinear Sigma-Model, S. Hellerman, J. Kehayias, T. T. Yanagida, arXiv:1309.0692 [hep-th]
September 13, 2013K. NakamuraNeutrinos in the simplest little Higgs model, Jaeyong Lee, hep-ph/0504136
July 19, 2013H. MurakiEffective Action for Dp-Brane in Large RR (p-1)-Form Background, P.-M. Ho, C.-T. Ma, arXiv:1302.6919 [hep-th]
July 12, 2013J. MatsumotoCosmic variance and the measurement of the local Hubble parameter, V. Marra et al., arXiv:1303.3121 [astro-ph.CO]
June 28, 2013H. IshidaNew Production Mechanism for keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter by Decays of Frozen-In Scalars, A. Merle, V. Niro, D. Schmidt, arXiv:1306.3996 [hep-ph]
June 21, 2013S. KawabataOn the difference between the pole and the MSbar masses of the top quark at the electroweak scale, F. Jegerlehner et al., Phys. Lett. B 722, 123-129 (2013)
May 24, 2013K. S. JeongGoldstone Bosons as Fractional Cosmic Neutrinos, S. Weinberg, arXiv:1305.1971 [astro-ph.CO]
April 26, 2013T. BesshoExpanding (3+1)-dimensional universe from a Lorentzian matrix model for superstring theory in (9+1)-dimesions, S.-W. Kim, J. Nishimura, A. Tsuchiya, arXiv:1108.1540 [hep-th]

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