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International workshop
"Windows to New Paradigm in Particle Physics"

DATE:2005/2/14 (Mon) - 2005/2/16 (Wed)

Site:Mitsui Urban Hotel Sendai

The workshop aims at discussing recent developments in particle physics with particular stress on the various approaches to supersede the current paradigm we have achieved. The meeting will be of a rather small scale and we are hoping to have intimate atmosphere to encourage discussion. The workshop, titled "Windows to New Paradigm in Particle Physics," will be held from 14 to 16, February, 2005 in Sendai, Japan.

Topics covered in this workshop are
     Various Proposals to Beyond the Standard Model
     Recent Developments in Unified Theoris
     Approaches from Superstring Theories
     Flavor Physics (B, neutrinos etc)
     Issues on Cosmology
    and related subjects.

Invited speakers:
     Kiwoon Choi (KAIST)        Christophe Grojean (Sacley)      Arthur Hebecker (Heidelberg)
     Kunio Inoue (Tohoku)        Shaaban Khalil (Cairo)            Nobuhito Maru (RIKEN)
     Shinji Mukohyama (Tokyo)   Gilad Perez (LBNL)               Luca Silvestrini (Roma)
     Alessandro Strumia (Pisa)    Kazunori Takenaga (Osaka)      Shigeki Sugimoto (YITP)

     K.Hikasa(Chair), M.Yamaguchi(Co-chair), M.Tanabashi, T.Moroi, Y.Shimizu, S.Mishima

visitors since Dec 18, 2004.
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