The 3rd COE Symposium

The 21st Century Center-of-Excellence Program
Exploring New Science by Bridging Particle-Matter Hierarchy

Feb. 16-18, 2006

Tohoku University, Kawauchi campus
Multimedia Education and Research Complex

List of Speakers


The 21st Century COE Program `Exploring New Science by Bridging Particle-Matter Hierarchy' is a five-year program aiming at advancement of education and research, selected and sponsored by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). The participating institutes are Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics Departments in Tohoku University. Some of the research programs include:

Particle Physics: The Kamland experiment showed that the solar neutrino oscillation involves the `large mixing' solution, and has recently made a first observation of geoneutrinos (neutrinos from the earth center).

Astronomy: Subaru telescope observed most distant galaxies and revealed dark mass distribution in clusters of galaxies.

Nuclear Physics: The strangeness nuclear physics group leads the field investigating hadronic many-body system with strangeness degree of freedom. In particular, hypernuclear reaction spectroscopy and gamma-ray spectroscopy with meson and electron beams using advanced detector systems such as magnetic spectrometers and a Ge photon detector array are carried out.

Condensed Matter Physics: High-resolution photoemission group has revealed the quasiparticle relevant to the high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates.

Mathematics: Research fields range from number theory to stochastic processes.

Having these variety of fields in the program, we hope that interaction of participating researchers and students in different fields may trigger new developments in those disciplines. With this in mind, we plan to hold a symposium this time by inviting active researchers in all related fields to give opportunity to the participants, especially the students in the graduate course, to make themselves familiar with the newest developments in their and neighbor fields.

There will be about 30 talks by invited speakers and poster presentations by the research students.

Invited speakers

Mathematics J. Choe (Seoul National U.)
T. Hishida (Niigata U.)
Y. Lou (Ohio State U.)
Y. Morita (Ryukoku U.)
S. Yamada (Tohoku U.)
Astronomy K. Kobayashi (Yokohama National U.)
A. Korotkov (Brown U.)
H. M. Lee (Seoul National U.)
B. Mobasher (Space Telescope Science Inst.)
A. Renzini (Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova)
Particle Physics K. Hamaguchi (DESY)
T. Mitsui (Tohoku U.)
C. Pena-Garay (IAS, Princeton)
Nuclear Physics T. Ito (Los Alamos National Lab)
H. Lenske (U. Giessen)
J. Reinhold (Florida International U.)
T. Wang (Lanzhou U.)
Condensed Matter Physics I. Aronson (Argonne National Lab)
D.-S. Kim (Seoul National U.)
T.-K. Lee (Academia Sinica)
J.-G. Park (Sungkyunkwan U.)
H. Miyata (Tohoku U.)
E. W. Plummer (U. Tenessee)
S. Raymond (CEA Grenoble)
K. Tanigaki (Tohoku U.)
I. Terasaki (Waseda U.)

Organizing Committee
Physics: K. Hikasa (Chair), K. Inoue, S. Ishihara, K. Iwasa, S. Iwai, T. Kawakatsu, T. Moroi, S. N. Nakamura
Mathematics: M. Kotani, E. Yanagida
Astronomy: M. Hattori, Y. Taniguchi
Steering Committee
Physics:O. Hashimoto, K. Hikasa, Y. Kuramoto, Y. Murakami, A. Suzuki (Chair), T. Takahashi
Mathematics:H. Kozono
Astronomy:T. Futamase