International Workshop on
Noncommutative Geometry and Physics, 2009
February 18 -- 21, 2009
Raiosha building, Keio University, Yokohama
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The International Workshop will focus on recent topics in noncommutative geometry and its application to physics. This field is recently developing in various directions in both mathematics and physics. One of the aims of the workshop is to exchange the new ideas between mathematicians and physicists.

There will be survey lectures by
	Adam Rennie (ANU)  "Spectral triples:examples and applications"

	Hiroshi Takai (TMU)  "Takesaki-Takai Duality for crossed product"

	Tadashi Takayanagi (IPMU)  "AdS/CFT and Chern-Simons Gauge Theory"
The invited lecturers are
        Tsugihiko Asakawa (Hokkaido University)
        Tomohiro Fukaya (Kyoto University)
        Takeshi Katsura (Keio University)
        Tetsuji Kimura (YITP)
        Kengo Matsumoto (Yokohama City University)
        Takayuki Morifuji (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
        Hitoshi Moriyoshi (Keio University)
        Steven Rosenberg (Boston University)
        Akifumi Sako (Kushiro College)
        Boris Tsygan (Northwestern University)
        Makoto Yamashita (University of Tokyo)
          Tsuyoshi Kato (Kyoto University) 
          Motoko Kotani (Tohoku University) 
          Yoshiaki Maeda (Keio University) 
          Yutaka Matsuo (University of Tokyo)  
          Hitoshi Moriyoshi (Keio University)
          Toshikazu Natsume (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
          Satoshi Watamura (Tohoku University)

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