Feb 2014

The 7keV axion dark matter

I wrote an interesting paper on the 7keV axion dark matter with T. Higaki and K-S. Jeong, which will appear today in one hour or so on arXiv.

(Update: Now it is available from
http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.6965 )

Well, I need some rest.

X-ray line

Last year I wrote a paper with H. Ishida and Kwang Sik Jeong about sterile neutrino dark matter which produces the X-ray line with flux just below the X-ray bound in 1309.3069. Surprisingly, there appeared two papers claiming the detection of an unidentified X-ray line at 3.5 keV (1402.4119 and 1402.2301) , which is exactly what we expected. Yay!


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