Feb 2015




今年は一般相対性理論誕生から100周年。ふとS. Weinberg のアドバイスを思い出す。

a student told me that he wanted to go into general relativity rather than the area I was working on, elementary particle physics, because the principles of the former were well known, while the latter seemed like a mess to him. It struck me that he had just given a perfectly good reason for doing the opposite. Particle physics was an area where creative work could still be done. It really was a mess in the 1960s, but since that time the work of many theoretical and experimental physicists has been able to sort it out, and put everything (well, almost everything) together in a beautiful theory known as the standard model. My advice is to go for the messes — that's where the action is.”

quoted from
Nature 426, 389 (27 November 2003) | doi:10.1038/426389a